A WHO backed NGO uses precision analytics and mobility solutions to eradicate rabies from earth

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Large scale data collection
Remote team management
Location based task management
Reporting and Data analytics

Executive Summary

The negligence of Rabies-vertical-specific programs in developing countries results over 60,000 deaths each year, a majority of whom are children. Mission Rabies app allows the team to not only manage their operations, but also establish accurate tracking of vaccination records and carry out post vaccination programs.

Luke Gamble, CEO, Mission Rabies

Luke Gamble

“Simform have gone above and beyond our expectations, integrating seamlessly with our own team to deliver cutting edge technology in a timely and professional manner. Highly reliable, adaptable and work well to deadlines, I would recommend Simform without hesitation and look forward to working with them for many years to come.”


UX design

With vaccination teams working in difficult geographies in high contrast environments, designing a user friendly mobile form was a real challenge.

Low internet connectivity

Working in the remote geographies of the world, finding a way to facilitate large scale data collection was the biggest challenge

Data integrity

The data collected by mobile needs to be secured against any form of corruption

Tracking metrics and KPIs

A centralised method for tracking of operations was required


User experience

We began by understanding the attributes of the environment in which the app will be used. We constantly tested user experience with Mission Rabies team and quickly moved from whiteboard to prototype. The app utilizes customizable dynamic mobile forms. These forms change the entire questionnaire smartly based on user’s input, and removes any input field that is not required. Thus, making large scale data collection extremely easy on mobile phones.

Cloud Infrastructure

We knew that utilizing dynamic forms could be a disaster if database aren’t designed properly. If not dealt with properly, dynamic forms can slow down the entire system by at least 4 times. We also implemented hash indexes to make queries faster, utilizing multi-az database


Task Management and Allocation

To enable Mission Rabies team to remotely assign task to their field teams, we built an admin panel. Using this admin panel a location on the map can be marked and teams can easily be assigned to work on those areas.

Offline-Online data synchronization

Mission Rabies team often worked in areas with no/low internet connectivity. We made sure that data and maps were stored locally so that the team can carry out vaccinations efforts without any issue. The locally stored data can then be uploaded to Mission Rabies’ server via a hotel Wifi or 3G.

Data Integrity

Data is of the utmost importance to Mission Rabies team, the entire vaccination program relies on it. We provided Rabies app with the facility to store and backup data to avoid any loss.


Microchip tracking/integration

The primary data collection on vaccinated dogs involved location and pictures. Both of them were insufficient to channel future vaccination campaigns and tracking the effectiveness. Mission Rabies app can track microchip attached to a stray dog and accurately identify them, providing vaccination teams with guidelines on what to do further with that particular dog.

PowerBI Integration

For Mission Rabies Project managers and stakeholders it was very important to track key metrics and KPIs. Earlier those teams relied on building pivot tables using excel sheets. We built custom designed dashboards on PowerBI that provides them with actionable, analyzed information for quick decision making.

Business Impact

Mission Rabies successfully established a Rabies surveillance and control system, which is acting as a public health system in countries that lacked Rabies specific vertical programs. They have vaccinated over half a million dogs in India and Malwai, and received funding from Melinda Gates foundation. In 2014, International Cricket Star Mahendra Dhoni’s wife became a brand ambassador to Mission Rabies.

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