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Pet sitter marketplace
Secure Payments and rewards
Community driven vetting process

Executive Summary

With more than 54 Million households having dogs in The US, pet-sitting and care taking is a major concern for pet parents. Doggy Buddies and Boarders aims to create a trustworthy community of dog owners and dog lovers. With its social features and unique marketplace, DoggyBnB gives peace of mind to dog owners by connecting users to a dog loving community.

Adam Pokornicky, CEO and Co-founder, DoggyBnB

Adam Pokornicky

“We look at Simform as an extension of our core team. We trust them, we rely on them and we value them for every single little detail they work out and every feature they help up bring to life. Given where we were a year ago, I can honestly say we wouldn’t be anywhere close to where we are without them. Building something for the long term takes time, patience and a level of commitment and pride that align all interests for the end goal. We’ve been lucky and feel grateful to be working with a team that shares that with us.”


Performance Bottlenecks

Given the usage, there were many potential scalability and preformance issues.

UX redesign

The existing design didn’t meet users expectations and had to be redesigned from scratch.


The velocity and scope of this project made deadlines challenging

Multiple integrations and QA

Involvement of multiple 3rd party APIs requires proper planning of architecture to prevent the app from failing.


Agile delivery

To bring product into the market as soon as possible, we used agile methodology for continuous delivery, better planning and evolutionary development of the project. We did so by prioritizing features coupled with short iterations. The number of iterations were also reduced by using Pareto’s 80/20 rule, i.e., 20% features will be used 80% of all time. Despite the huge scope, we were able to deliver 30% faster using Agile.

Redesigning UX

For pet sitting we started by prototyping potential interactions, with a goal to make it easier for a user to send out a “woof” - Pet sitting gig. The design continued to evolved with continuous feedback. Every element in the app has been custom designed to meet an objective and leave a memorable-first experience.

User engagement and performance analytics

To help DoggyBnB gather real time, actionable insights about app user behavior we integrated Crashlytics. This helped DoggyBnB team make data driven decisions to quickly iterate.


Woof and chat Implementation

A user can post a pet sitting job, which will only be available to other users to apply in his vicinity. User can put filters to define this vicinity. After receiving a response, the user can directly chat from the app and even negotiate using the app.

Infinite scroll for the newsfeed

To maximise user engagement, content consumption was critical to our clients. After evaluating paginations and infinite scroll for usability, we decided to implement infinite scroll. Mainly because, it facilitated discovery, scanning and consuming a lot of information. We utilize high performing native codes on both iOS and Android that can display thousands of news items.

Quality Assurance

Right from the start of this project, app was tested each day. To ensure high quality our QA team deployed the app on multiple device. Only after the build passed all tests, it was deployed.

Business Impact

The app was launched with a well thought marketing plan, and was instantly appreciated by New York Times, FastCo, TechCruch, just to name a few. Following their strategy for localized growth, the app growing Rapidly and is being used by thousands of New Yorkers.

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